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UtherPenguin says2015-09-18T00:26:24.7279933Z
HusseinCare will drive America into the ground!
ladiesman says2015-09-18T01:24:51.3427479Z
What's so bad about it?
Atheist-Independent says2015-09-18T01:25:26.7866295Z
How is it Leninist?
UtherPenguin says2015-09-18T01:27:11.3137687Z
Obama is a commie
Forthelulz says2015-09-18T01:28:57.7688511Z
@UtherPenguin That makes him a mutant and a traitor as well.
ladiesman says2015-09-18T01:38:51.6373071Z
@UtherPenguin How is Obama a communist?
stargate says2015-09-18T10:33:03.9979205Z
It makes it so you pay higher taxs and there is a increase in government speading. While this sounds okay it just dosn't work, it hurts the economy more then it fixs. It makes it so the middle class are the ones that hurt the most. More taxs means less buying power less buying power means the economy starts tp slow down usually. This causes business and people to move there where there is less taxs. Obamacare means massive increase in the amount of taxs witch the ritch can take but the middle class at least the lower middle class will take a hurting.
TBR says2015-09-18T16:31:47.5623202Z
@stargate - Fix the tax brackets, and the middle class may pay less in tax, right?
stargate says2015-09-18T17:54:41.7962542Z
stargate says2015-09-18T17:56:13.1828116Z
It takes a lot of money out of the middle class. This system dose not help us at all it only hurts us.
stargate says2015-09-19T00:01:34.0313076Z
Both would suck, also you aren't even in this nation. One we are not like germany or the rest of europe, two we do not like being taxs for the poor.
TBR says2015-09-19T00:03:16.0928161Z
@stargate - You give that "we are not europe" line over and over. I still don't know what it means.
TBR says2015-09-19T00:09:01.7174626Z
In this context what it sounds like to me is - ~"we don't, or are incapable of, care for our own populations health care like the countries of Europe."
stargate says2015-09-19T00:42:27.9940441Z
Europe is more socialist and usually taxs the people more.
stargate says2015-09-19T00:43:09.0072328Z
I care it is just I hate tax increases.
gabep says2015-09-19T14:49:16.3208345Z
Guys we all know that Obama is a Muslim Socialist Commie lizard and part of the Illuminati.
UtherPenguin says2015-09-21T13:50:42.9300357Z
Porkloin says2015-09-22T14:32:49.2709598Z
For those who say we should not have to have insurance - what happens when such a person has an accident, and needs medical care? Do we let them die? I'm not all that opposed to Obamacare, per se. It definitely helps many people who would be relatively lacking without it. However, it is yet another form of wealth transfer, from those paying taxes to those who pay less or none. In the end, huge numbers of Americans will face new and higher fees and taxes, such as higher payroll deductions for Medicare. The fact is that we cannot pay for everybody. What good is a system that is unsustainable? The U.S. over the past many decades is clearly on an unsustainable course, financially. Far too many people are receiving benefits from the system without contributing to it, or without having contributed nearly enough. Nothing like this ever gets "turned around," and comes out okay in the end - nothing with anything like the scale of the U.S. What will happen is that things will get worse. Our politicians, wanting above all else to maintain their own position and power, will continue to promise whatever they deem necessary to stay in; it amounts to vote-buying on their part, regardless of what is actually good for the country and people. The federal government, in the end, will do the worst thing for the greatest amount of people. Rather than being "of, by, and for the people," our government is becoming more and more the adversary of the people, especially those who support the system, the taxpayers, those who work, the middle class, etc. Two years ago, the Obamacare law itself was "only" a little under 800 pages long, with an additional 23,000 pages of federal regulations that accompanied it. I would think it has since increased in size. What could go wrong? Everybody have a nice day! : P
idoubtit says2015-09-22T22:27:23.8084859Z
@Porkloin. You said it perfectly. And I'd add, it's going to end up that those who, by no choice of their own, put into the system, cannot draw out as promised, due to it all given away to those who put nothing in. If the government really wanted to see that everyone had insurance, why can they not enact laws to govern healthcare facilities and their insurance gouging practices, that the insurance companies pass on to the people.
JuliusCaesar says2015-10-21T01:33:53.7916196Z
Its is literally just affordable health care that changed the lives of 14 MILLION Americans. Its pretty good.
gabep says2015-10-21T01:39:36.6394127Z
Exactly. If you don't have healthcare and sustain a serious injury the hospital bills can be much more expensive. Also, you wouldn't be covered for other everyday services.
Renegader says2015-10-21T02:12:28.9385408Z
I just don't like the mandate
themightyindividual says2015-10-21T05:22:23.8695652Z
Why is this poll just now getting popular even though it's been around since September?
Death23 says2015-10-21T16:42:06.8974048Z
I'm off to the doc today. Thanks Obama :)
Vox_Veritas says2015-10-21T18:17:23.9667684Z
@porkloin: Of course not. A system should be in place, if it isn't already, where people who don't have health insurance are able to pay for emergency healthcare on credit.
Vox_Veritas says2015-10-21T18:19:47.1017641Z
And yes, it is unfortunate that many poor people are unable to afford healthcare. However, that does not mean that people of higher income owe them paid for or partially paid for healthcare.
walle_ras says2015-10-21T22:07:25.3602106Z
It is unconstitutional.
Anonymous says2015-10-21T22:29:27.9509324Z
They said it would save us thousands and it ended up costing us millions! To quote Obama, "If you like your plan you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor too. But Obama care is gonna save a lot of money for you! Period!" Such an idiotic plan.
BrendanD19 says2015-10-22T15:39:55.6562169Z
Healthcare is a human right, and Obamacare is just a corporate handout. We need a Single payer system
OneNationUnderGod says2015-10-22T15:53:50.7261415Z
The way society acts terrified of everything these days makes you wonder how in the world we all survived before. Incredibly, doctors used to actually "work with" patients who were undergoing financial hardships. Don't believe it? It happened to me when I was a teenager with a life threatening illness. My parents weren't able to pay, were between jobs, and had no insurance, and the doctor literally said "Don't worry about it, we will work with you. Just pay what you can." Amazing? Yes, but true. Something has gone terribly wrong since then. Starting with everybody has pretty much lost their minds.
BIGC says2015-10-22T22:20:17.3007105Z
Obamacare is a disaster
Anonymous says2015-10-22T22:50:57.2153634Z
What are you saying you think Obama care was a disaster for @BIGC ? For crying out loud you said it was good!
BIGC says2015-10-22T22:54:27.9075655Z
No i did not i said i oppose obamacare
Anonymous says2015-10-22T23:07:22.0467021Z
Oh, well I need to change my vote. I miss read the title...... I oppose it.
Berend says2015-10-23T02:00:49.9782851Z
UtherPenguin, I'm almost certain Canada is far more socialist on healthcare than OBamacare. Obamacare is just a portal to privatized health insurance companies. Canada has healthcare for the people by the government. Which is more socialist.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T02:06:07.5232347Z
More authoritarian involvement in capital markets? No thanks
reretarff says2015-10-25T02:21:42.5880106Z
"Obama is a commie." You Republitards say this about everybody who's not a conservative dingbat.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T02:24:04.8590986Z
Modern day liberalism is very similar to the Leninist movement since the 60's
Anonymous says2015-10-25T02:34:02.6054472Z
Why don't you just shove those words down your own hole terrff because I am a Republican with the ideology of a Conservative and though Obama was a decent President the Affordable Health Care act was a massive failure. It was supposed to save us thousands and it ended up costing us millions! You are insulting just one political party and are following one party. You could, for once in your pathetic life, drill into your feeble mind that you do not have to follow the views of one party all the time and you can follow the person that you think will make a change in this country,..... Except Trump, he is bad.
Anonymous says2015-10-25T02:37:02.5765132Z
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T02:39:23.3500108Z
Generation Y took liberalism and defiled it completely. Apart of me dies everytime a teenie declares himself a liberal, because I remember a time in history when liberals use to be the freedom fighters of the world.
reretarff says2015-10-25T02:51:43.3790463Z
Lol. The Democratic party at one point over a hundred years ago was conservative, and likewise the Republican party at one point was liberal. So when you people try to use Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr. When you say that you created great Republicans, you're only lying to yourself. The Republican party is the party of Ted Cruz, Kim Davis, Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh. No one who is in the Republican party is in any way Philosophical.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T02:55:45.4957023Z
Isn't your democratic party one of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden
reretarff says2015-10-25T03:04:53.1754344Z
Yes, and they are very smart, experienced, and well educated people who have great opinions. Are any of the people you listed: Sexist? Racist? Homophobic? Unintelligent? Inexperienced in the government? Bigoted? No, they are not.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:06:50.3960886Z
I certainly think they are unintelligent
reretarff says2015-10-25T03:09:19.1480992Z
That's a pretty unintelligent thing to say ;) If you want to see nonfactual and laughable, go look at Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, and Carson.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:10:45.2274045Z
You are just comparing two different levels of idiocy against each other
58539672 says2015-10-25T03:16:28.9644147Z
@reretarff The modern day concept of Conservative and Liberal is, relatively speaking, a very recent development. To say that Abraham Lincoln or anyone else was one way or the other is simply modifying their beliefs to agree with the speakers beliefs. Lincoln was a member of the Republican party, which was predominately an abolitionist party at the time. He was not a conservative or a liberal because both of those concepts weren't available at the time. The modern-day Liberalism started around LBJ's time and the modern-day Conservatism began with Reagan. It is better to consider both those instances as creating entirely new parties.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:17:48.8535510Z
At least in America anyways
reretarff says2015-10-25T03:25:21.7458603Z
I'm not talking about liberal vs conservative in political terms. I'm talking about general views terms. The term liberal and the term conservative change with generation. For example, in Lincoln's terms, abolitionists were liberal, and Jim Crow Enthusiasts were conservatives. The definition of liberal is To speak out against what is known and common. Slavery was known and common at that time. Being against slavery was a new concept that was not used to or majorly favored. The terms liberal and conservative have always existed.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:26:36.5992367Z
Thank god I am an anarchist! Otherwise I would have to have more than five opinions.
Anonymous says2015-10-25T03:29:16.5459756Z
You are an idiot! You do not even know the words you speak of, Trump by all means is not a real Republican nor a good candidate neither is Hillary Clinton, the cunt is no better than Margaret Thatcher. I say that Bernie or Paul are the ways to go.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:29:20.8984367Z
If we were to accept your definition though, then you are most definitely a conservative. Unless you disagree that liberal parties, politicians, and policies control most of the developed world.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:30:59.8492367Z
reretarff says2015-10-25T03:31:12.2222001Z
Hillary Clinton is not a cunt. She is a very respectful and a very brilliant woman, who is very experienced in the government.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:32:38.7258636Z
What about her beliefs is brilliant?
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:33:35.4953553Z
For the duration of this conversation, I just want it to go on record that she IS a woman after all
Anonymous says2015-10-25T03:34:06.4151499Z
She is very good with those Emails too you know. And the worst she could do if she gets in office is fornicating with her secretary.
Anonymous says2015-10-25T03:35:37.7237058Z
Ignore BlackFlags, he is obviously a sexist.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:35:46.0698663Z
As head of state, she would promote the image that American women are masculine and wrinkly
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T03:37:45.2140571Z
Not sexist. Women are just more alligned to sycophancy on average than men. Probably 90% of men are sycophants, while at least 95% of women are sycophants. If we were to measure the level of sycophancy between men and women, men would also score a lot lower, considering we actually had a way to scale that
marytank says2015-10-25T18:54:51.3047986Z
I had cancer and know how much money a single hospital visit can be. Obama Care is mostly insufficient, but I like the overall idea and theme of Obama Care and hope our next president can continue and make Obama Care even better!
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T19:28:16.0369504Z
Admittedly the ACA is better than universal healthcare. The actual law seemed to affect the nation positively, but out of principal I am opposed to the bill. It defies the conventional role governments were supposed to have, as believed by the founding fathers.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T19:32:42.4276732Z
A lot of people do not understand what the affordable care act did though. It forced the price down on premiums for a select number of participants based on their income level. Everyone else who did not apply for a new healthcare plan on healthcare.Gov, or were to late to register, had their premiums raised slightly to offset the losses. Premiums later leveled out as most big corporate insurance companies actually experienced a boost in profit due to all the new healthcare signets. One of the worst things about the law is how it forces certain people to possess healthcare plans, which is very authoritarian and regulatory.
BlackFlags says2015-10-25T19:34:07.7769145Z
Although it is still being debated how significant the raise in premiums on non-signets had on the increase in profits for insurance companies.
medicfrogs says2015-10-26T17:30:37.6703991Z
"According to Lawrence Goldfarb: "Repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will have a negative economic impact because it will force non-wealthy individuals to spend a higher percentage of income on health care rather than expansionary products and services" " I don't know this guy, but if these are truly his words, then he's an idiot. I am a non-wealthy person, and BECAUSE of the ACA I no longer have the option of the consortium 90-10 that was always given to me for free as an employee of the school district. Now my only option is a high deductible plan that has a monthly fee and an outrageous deductible before the insurance will even spend a penny on my medical bills. I am literally paying 13,000 more per year (depending on whether or not I use my full deductible) for health insurance than I was 4 years ago. That's twice my take-home pay. And somehow I am supposed to believe the argument that if the law was repealed, my insurance would somehow go up even more??? Absurd, the ACA caused this problem.
ladiesman says2015-10-27T15:08:52.7147061Z
How did this poll become popular all of a sudden?
Anonymous says2015-10-27T19:44:50.3079795Z
Because some people are just now realizing that this is here and how bad or good the affordable health care act is. (It is bad, in my opinion.)
Pigzooka says2015-12-15T20:31:23.0567180Z
Obama is a terorist and a alien and a mooslem and he born in kenya! As the bible says leviticus 92:3 "obama is a commie!" quick and burn the white house with him in it!
liltankjj says2015-12-17T20:12:51.9547788Z
I think the affordable health care act needs some tremendous reform.
Juan_Pablo says2015-12-22T05:11:48.5734743Z
No. I pay into my state's healthcare exchange: Covered California. There's nothing Leninist about it, as I'm paying completely out of pocket to cover deductibles and premiums. I even have a silver plan. I suppose I'm paying money to help cover a portion of other people's insurance in the exchange. But that's the way health insurance works anyway! **shrugs** I honestly don't know why Obamacare is such a big deal, as the only controversial part is that participating health insurance providers can't refuse you for a pre-existing condition, which opens the door for many to be covered. Yeah, some get cheaper rates than others, but all insurance providers work that way. You wont find any that don't.
liltankjj says2015-12-22T21:42:51.8316491Z
I don't like the idea of being forced to have insurance. It's bad enough with cars here in Louisiana now Health. Please government, get out of my pockets and business.

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