Do you prefer Billy Graham or his son (Franklin Graham)?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

A "father versus son" poll.

  • Franklin Graham

  • Billy Graham

25% 1 votes
75% 3 votes
  • Franklin Graham speaks out against immorality in our society. His father remains a bit quiet and isn't as vocal as his son is.

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triangle.128k says2015-11-28T01:49:42.8011628Z
Is Franklin Graham a fundamentalist Christian?
NewLifeChristian says2015-11-28T16:47:03.9796637Z
@triangle.128k - No, he's a Southern Baptist. Still part of the "big three Conservative Christian groups" though. (Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Baptist)
triangle.128k says2015-11-28T17:03:17.1575783Z
@NLC Fundamentalism isn't a sect...
NewLifeChristian says2015-11-30T21:28:35.0698478Z
@triangle.128k - You're right, it's a movement. My mistake.

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