Do you prefer PC or console games?

If you are a gamer, what type of gaming medium do you prefer to play?

  • Console Games

  • PC Games

20% 11 votes
80% 45 votes
  • More simpler. Cheaper. More fleshed out UI. Simpler controls. Better AAA exclusives. No all ways online DRM. No driver issue's. It just gives a hassle free gaming experience

    Posted by: Gulam
  • I like console games but I like playing The Sims 3 on the computer.

  • easier to use

  • Console are better, Because they don't put much bad influence on children and teens alike except for online gaming like the pc, Also Online feature should be remove on consoles.

  • I prefer consoles. Not to bash PC but it is to complicated for me to understand. Consoles come in one single package. Simplicity for the sacrifice of power. Also they are generally cheaper.

  • Better graphics and more parts to fit your style and play performance. Also consols suck !!! JK i like them both

  • I chose pc due to several reasons A pc is of modular type which means you can change things(for example cpu, gpu) as you want. Its expensive but computers are more powerfull than consoles, even more as they can be upgraded a lot. Keyboard and mouse got more use than a controller as its more precise and you got more buttons(arma serie, somone?).

  • PC is great you can play your games anywhere you have a laptop, You don't have to worry about hooking up to any TV. Majority of PC games allow you to play them offline unless they are made by EA. (I tend to avoid any game that had DRM(looking at you EA)). With the way steam has the games set up you can now buy PC games so much easier then before. Its an amazing experience.

  • PC has the best versions of multi-platform games. It also has the cheapest games. It also has some great exclusives. It also has unlimited functionality. It also has superior graphics. It also has the ability to support every game peripheral ever created. It also has the ability to emulate consoles.

  • I can alter performance to suit me, I can run games on a system that I use for listening to music, working and browsing. The PC versions of games are almost exclusively better in every way, you can even use your console controllers if required. Being able to alter a games performance is one of the biggest benefits over a closed console system. If there's a problem with a game then I can get a quick fix through the community, whereas on a console I need to wait for an official patch. Most PC exclusive games are exclusive as the consoles wouldn't be good enough to run them. I can upgrade my PC every 2 years if required whereas consoles are out of date after the same period.

  • soo many games, cheap and ready

  • I like to use cheats.

  • For GABEN

  • because pc master race

  • PC wins overall but one of my fav reasons is STEAM: Get like over 9000 games for like 20$ because they are always on sale.

  • PC master race

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