Do You Read DDO Fan Fics?

Posted by: bsh1

Do you read any of the various fan fiction written on DDO?

  • Yes

  • No

42% 5 votes
58% 7 votes
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Kozu says2015-04-21T22:02:10.8910593-05:00
DDO Burger King is the best. Thett does a great job of lining up everyones characters up, definitely the most hilarious.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T22:03:02.0281871-05:00
I don't even know where to find DDO fan fics. I often forget they exist.
bsh1 says2015-04-21T22:03:08.1902266-05:00
@Kozu - You should tune into the fan fic awards ceremony when it happens.
bsh1 says2015-04-21T22:03:59.6861567-05:00
@MGJ - They're in the entertainment and misc forums.
Kozu says2015-04-21T22:05:50.7744688-05:00
@Math Their in the debate.Org section of the forums. @bsh I'll be sure to, once I know when it happens. I wasn't even aware that was happening.
bsh1 says2015-04-21T22:07:09.2581182-05:00
@Kozu - An announcement will be posted sometime within the next 3-7 days in the main forum sections about it.
Kozu says2015-04-21T22:07:36.7022221-05:00
I didn't know they were there too, I must be missing out on a lot of fan fics then...
bsh1 says2015-04-21T22:09:38.4283464-05:00
@Kozu - You should vote on these polls, too: Yeah, and definitely keep an eye out for that announcement.
Kozu says2015-04-21T22:16:51.3320503-05:00
I will. I'll also have to read at least a few of those other fics before I vote, gotta give them a chance
PetersSmith says2015-04-21T22:38:30.8857871-05:00
Isn't thett's fan fiction like one chapter and it was made to be a joke?
Kozu says2015-04-21T22:51:28.6856194-05:00
There's 3 episodes so far, not sure if those qualify as a chapters or not though.
bsh1 says2015-04-22T12:41:25.8048850-05:00
Thett's Burger King fan fic does have three parts, so it counts.

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