Do you support a Border Wall for unlawful illegal Immigrants?

Posted by: Juan_Pablo_4_hillary

Illegal Immigration is a problem that threatens to continue well into the future. Do you support a border wall?

  • Yes. Illegal Immigratns are Mexico's problem. That nation needs to deal with them. We're bombarded with enough problems as it is.

  • No. I support unlawful illegal immigration.

67% 12 votes
33% 6 votes
  • I'm not sure any explanation is needed, nor do I think one can influence those who support open borders while supporting their own right to property and privacy against invasion by unwanted trespassers.

  • At this point, a border wall appears to be our best option.

  • Yes, the border wall is necessary for security reasons. After all, illegal aliens are not citizens of USA.

  • YES! Illegal immigration is a big problem for the US. Building a wall is a great idea and it will have a big door in the middle for people to come here legally. If people want to come to our country they need to respect our rules and should not be allowed to cheat the system. MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL TRUMP 2016 MAGA

  • No. I don't. Building a border wall between the US and Mexico would increase hostility and is an extremist position. However, I do believe border security needs to be implemented that will prevent future illegal immigrants from entering the country. The United States should offer a pathway toward legal status for illegal immigrants who have been in the country for a lengthy time. But new illegal immigrants must be turned away immediately (unless they're refugees from war torn areas).

  • 1) This answer is leading, 2) unlawful and illegal are synonyms, 3) I don't support a wall because it won't actually work! It would is impractical, to begin with, and even if it was built it wouldn't stop undocumented immigrants because a) if you have a 10 ft wall, all you need is an 11 ft ladder and a 12 ft rope, and b) most undocumented immigrants are people who overstayed their visas. A wall will not stop that.

  • An actual wall isn't necessary.

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benhos says2016-07-23T01:33:57.0867322Z
You're seriously ignorant by assuming that I completely support illegal immigration just because I don't agree with building a wall.
amyjacobson says2016-07-28T04:04:28.9460477Z
This question is worded very poorly. "I support unlawful illegal immigration" is redundant as well as leading. A person can be opposed to illegal immigrants but still not support the building of a wall. If you're going to start a poll, take a few minutes to think through the options instead of sliding the scale in favor of one of the options. Geez.
DJCOLE says2017-01-06T13:52:43.1866286Z
We do need to secure our boarders and continue to decrease illegals from entering our country. One suggestion is start building up our military again and post them on the borders. Another way if Mexico is not going to pay for the wall is to have non violent prisoners or people in jail build the wall as part of paying their debt to society and this would help them learn a trade and stop them from sitting on their a**es in a cell all day long doing nothing . That is if they want to work. They would be guarded of course. There have been many illegals deported over the years but there are still many here. One comment on the opinions to not build a wall was to give ways for people to stay here. There are many ways for people to come to this country legally but if they decide to try to sneak in, they are breaking the law and could be trying to hide something and cannot stay. There are illegals here not only from Mexico but many other countries and they all have to go as well. It will take time but it's got to be done. This is just a starting point.

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