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FantumHeist says2014-10-27T12:12:11.3247462-05:00
I've found something that I like God might have started it but science and evolution will finish it
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-27T12:14:29.5754910-05:00
That's kind of what my view is,
blackkid says2014-10-27T12:38:44.5485892-05:00
Why the false dichotomy. Neither.
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-27T13:35:47.1965550-05:00
F*** off
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:38:57.1895916-05:00
How intelligent of you.
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:38:59.0459797-05:00
Agreed.... I once disliked the though of religion but my religion is of many god's from many religions
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-27T13:40:12.4275515-05:00
What is your problem? You act like a jerk to everyone on this site. For no reason in particular
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:40:32.4732945-05:00
Is that a statement or question if its a questing it would be......... How intelligent are you?
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:41:27.3476766-05:00
But the I was like hey god started but evolution and science will finish its so no more multi religion polytheism
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:41:41.6532434-05:00
The better question is what is wrong with you. All I do is point out heavily flawed thinking and sheepish behavior. You're just kids though.
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:42:24.7315108-05:00
So does not mean we can't get involved in society
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-27T13:44:43.7925850-05:00
You're 26. We're all young adults. Life experience is valuable, but it isn't everything.
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-27T13:45:27.3754310-05:00
Writing someone off as "just a kid" makes YOU seem childish. It's a cop out
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:45:31.7435430-05:00
You don't get "involved" in society. You are a by-product of society. Not a single thought anyone thinks here is deeper than a shallow cesspool after a hard rain. And just as virile...
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:45:49.0287862-05:00
Once again I agree with benjaminimuffin
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:46:40.5413070-05:00
I am not a artificial byproduct
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:48:52.9420468-05:00
You fail to understand that I'm not writing you off as a child. You are a child. You think like a child. Your reasoning is poor. It is always poor. You can't do any better due to simply being a child. Everything is very black and white in your minds; "Religion is bad (and it's all Christianity)!", "I'm an individual (just like everyone else)!", "I think [insert some political ideology you can't possibly even comprehend regarding long-term effects] is right! It's because [insert some reason you were fed that you didn't even notice]!", etc. You think like children because you ARE children.
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:49:23.8306938-05:00
Am I wrong? Are you not children? Do you not hold childish level conceptualization?
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:50:29.4147754-05:00
"I am not a artificial byproduct", and what makes you otherwise?
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:52:09.4016392-05:00
I do not think like a child I think about current day events like ISIS and the YPG as well as politics and the fact that McDonalds Shamrock shake and stake and shake fries with nacho cheese are the best things in the world
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T13:53:16.5112979-05:00
Ok what makes me a non by product is the fact that im a person and not a artificial sweetener
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:54:02.2218684-05:00
"I do not think like a child I think about current day events like ISIS and the YPG as well as politics and the fact that McDonalds Shamrock shake and stake and shake fries with nacho cheese are the best things in the world", you clearly don't know what makes for thinking like an adult. You cite "things" you think make you an adult. You're no such thing. Adulthood is a neurological transformation; not all humans, regardless of age, actually achieve adulthood mentally and your knowledge base doesn't effect that.
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:55:12.8357446-05:00
"Ok what makes me a non by product is the fact that im a person and not a artificial sweetener", but what actually makes you a person in the first place? Blind. Empty. Stupid.
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-27T13:56:11.0973847-05:00
You're demonstrating black and white thinking right now. We aren't mere children, we're growing into adults. Teenagers are sort of a hybrid between the two. We deserve respect. And writing us off, yes, WRITING US OFF, as illiterate, naïve, and irrational reflects poorly on you. I know teenagers leaps and bounds more intelligent than some of the grown adults on this site. Age is not everything. There are smart teenagers, there are dumb adults.
blackkid says2014-10-27T14:00:10.4485696-05:00
"The research has turned up some surprises, among them the discovery of striking changes taking place during the teen years. These findings have altered long-held assumptions about the timing of brain maturation. In key ways, the brain doesn’t look like that of an adult until the early 20s." ( ), neurologically teenagers are kids. You deserve the respect of a citizen but you do not deserve the respect of a contributing citizen. Most teenagers do not break ground with genius complex ideas because they neurologically cannot. This isn't my opinion at all; it's the reality we live in. Fight that all you want.
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T14:01:00.5015937-05:00
ISIS is a terrorist organization meant to kill "fascist" people but the people are not fascist but innocent people and YPG is a Anti ISIS group that have already killed over 20 ISIS people and blown up 5 ISIS tanks I think we should Fund and give YPG tanks guns and ammunition as well as bombing more ISIS base's and then landing a troops in finishing ISIS off and forming a pact with YPG and they're Female allies the YPJ
blackkid says2014-10-27T14:03:48.1805457-05:00
So the conflict of ISIS ends. What do we do with the munitions given to YPG? Take them back? Loaner bullets? If history has shown us anything the people who launch assaults of these types tend to have been somehow given the weapons in the first place. Where did ISIS get weapons? And who provided THOSE weapons? Long(er)-range thinking might show that isn't the best idea.
OutsideYourBox says2014-10-27T14:15:48.5377279-05:00
I don't have the answer to everything and neither does anyone else. So as a Christian in particular, there are many things that i wonder about constantly. So, as far as my intelligence goes, i have a mild view on evolution, but i remain creationist with some aspects of evolution in role.
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T14:48:13.8709237-05:00
They keep the munition's it's not like they will see us as a enemy for helping them they are over there we are over here if the become a new ISIS we take care of them
blackkid says2014-10-27T14:55:27.3280377-05:00
Alright, so they keep the munitions, because they are the good guys of today. They become the bad guys of tomorrow because someone who has a power overload decides to change directions. Whose fault is it? I.S. Stole most of their weapons from bases that were funded and equipped by foreign nations. The I.S. Would be nothing on their own without those bases; in short most of their funding and equipment traces back to some form of wealthy country and the cycle begins anew. The weapons in many major conflicts were actually "given" and not stolen at all. Don't get me wrong; helping is a great idea as I.S. Should be put down but the Kurds have their own beefs in the region; the idea that they won't take the upper hand and misbehave seems misbegotten.
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T15:00:04.2663385-05:00
Trust me the YPG are the good guys
FantumHeist says2014-10-27T15:00:18.1662949-05:00
So are the YPJ
blackkid says2014-10-28T07:05:31.8713497-05:00
"Trust me"? We should run a campaign with that as the slogan. "Trust me. I know what I am doing.", you for Prez.
funnycn says2014-10-28T07:05:32.5425592-05:00
Whatever, in the end Blackkid is just someone typing at a computer trying to troll.
blackkid says2014-10-28T07:18:58.6617214-05:00
I need not "troll". You troll yourselves with your poor logic. I just point it out.

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