Do you support men wearing high heels?

Posted by: k2inheels

This poll is seeking to understand how people would react to a man that is wearing a pair of high heel shoes. Keep this in mind, The man is wearing sensible heels (no 8" platforms), Is walking smoothly in them and they go with his outfit.

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Do not think men should wear heels.

You are not okay with a guy wearing heels at all. Guy should wear guys shoes, Period.
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Yes, I have no issue with a man wearing high heels.

Basically, You'd be comfortable if we wore heels with you in a public setting or by himself. It's his choice.
4 votes

I am not okay with a guy wearing heels!

Not okay for a guy to wear heels and I would tell him so.
2 votes

Yes, It would be okay if the guy was wearing heels.

While you are okay with a guy wearing high heels in public, You would not want to be with him in public when he is wearing heels. You are not quite comfortable having a spouse, Boyfriend or friend wearing heels in public.
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It does not bother my, But I also think guys should wear men's shoes.

You are okay with a guy in heels but you think that they should really stick with men's shoes.
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