Do you support men wearing high heels?

Posted by: k2inheels

This poll is seeking to understand how people would react to a man that is wearing a pair of high heel shoes. Keep this in mind, The man is wearing sensible heels (no 8" platforms), Is walking smoothly in them and they go with his outfit.

66 Total Votes

Yes, I have no issue with a man wearing high heels.

Basically, You'd be comfortable if we wore heels with you in a public setting or by himself. It's his choice.
34 votes

Do not think men should wear heels.

You are not okay with a guy wearing heels at all. Guy should wear guys shoes, Period.
18 votes

It does not bother my, But I also think guys should wear men's shoes.

You are okay with a guy in heels but you think that they should really stick with men's shoes.
6 votes
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I am not okay with a guy wearing heels!

Not okay for a guy to wear heels and I would tell him so.
4 votes

Yes, It would be okay if the guy was wearing heels.

While you are okay with a guy wearing high heels in public, You would not want to be with him in public when he is wearing heels. You are not quite comfortable having a spouse, Boyfriend or friend wearing heels in public.
4 votes
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Elfman says2018-09-06T11:59:06.8394638Z
I think it’s ok if the man is gay or straight and likes to do drag it should not be imposed though self expression is up to the individual and should not be enforced or taught it should be a choice for the males themselves what to choose I myself wouldn’t wear them but if I remember in the 70s wore platform shoes a kinda heel / it should not be be commercialized
Mister_Man says2018-09-06T22:33:02.2603398Z
If someone wants to look ridiculous, I'm not going to take away their right to do so. Just don't come crying to social media when people look at you awkwardly.
TLG2005 says2018-11-03T23:58:33.0205595Z
Honestly, They can do whatever, I am not one to judge. I mean it doesn't hurt anybody.

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