• Yes

  • No

29% 12 votes
71% 30 votes
  • If there was a universal Health Care system than I wouldn't,but so far there isn't and this is the closest thing to it.

  • It's a step in the right direction, healthcare needs to be expanded more. Get on the same level as other industrialized countries.

  • It doesn't help poor people. I know poor people and they were disqualified because they earned less than 24,000 a year. Thats what obamacare is. Its a lie to everyone. It doesnt help anyone. 55% of all obamacare patients are turned down by doctors

    Posted by: Warik
  • I support single-payer healthcare

  • Healthcare should be privatized.

  • Since when was the federal government responsible for subsidizing healthcare? Since when were we supposed to subsidize infinite welfare for people? Did I miss that part in the Constitution? When will we stop spending tax money and just privatize these purely socialist programs and let our federal government stick to foreign affairs and let our economy flourish and liberate the free market.

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TBR says2015-03-04T18:42:37.3503636-06:00
Warik - Neither of those two numbers are reality based. The Medicaid cutoff in ~11k. If your state was stupid enough to NOT do the expansion, blame the governor, but its not ACA, and its not 24k. The 55% number is fantasy!
briantheliberal says2015-03-04T21:25:52.2317662-06:00
Warik, that is a complete lie, once again. Why do you keep spewing non-facts?
Warik says2015-03-09T08:31:01.0960635-05:00
Its not a lie at all. I've seen how little obamacare does with my own eyes. My friend got disqualified from obamacare because he isn't earning enough. The people that are earning enough to qualify for obamacare are being denied treatment by their own doctors because its not profitable.
bunny97 says2015-03-10T06:10:05.6437801-05:00
As a British person, I can say the NHS is one of the best things about my country ans free healthcare is one of the best things and progressive country can have. I could walk into a hospital now and recieve treatment for anything and recieve a brilliant standard of care. It units us as a community and is one of the bests thing any British government has done.

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