Do you support Obama's notion of democracy?

Posted by: themightyindividual

Is unlimited executive action apart of the American way?

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Yes, illegal executive action, blows to the supreme court, refusals to talk with congress, and ignoring the general population are the pillars of democracy and the American system.
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No, the president should not release terrorists, ignore the institutions' and voters' wishes, single-handedly pass significant legislation, and allow millions of illegal aliens into the country, all while Republicans are being silenced.
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Stefy says2015-02-03T20:26:59.4785811-06:00
Obama has done far less executive orders than the majority of recent presidents. While Obamas presidency has no shortage of issues the only real case of executive overreach during his presidency is the fact that drone executions are judged and carried out via solely the executive branch.
minny says2015-02-03T20:30:48.5913750-06:00
Seems kind of biased.
Pythasis says2015-02-03T20:32:21.5591071-06:00
Not a biased poll at allŲŸ
Pythasis says2015-02-03T20:37:32.3584101-06:00
(P.S: That backwards question mark is an irony/sarcasm mark, for those of you who don't know.)
minny says2015-02-03T20:39:02.4154782-06:00
"Unlimited executive action" paints Obama as some sort of tyrant. The poll creator is libertarian. I don't really like the idea of executive orders either, but really. Think here.
minny says2015-02-03T20:40:42.6123513-06:00
And have you read the answer descriptions? Seriously? I'm sorry, but it's painfully obvious that this poll's creator is pushing some sort of agenda. NOTHING against him personally! I'm just recognizing the bias. He's probably aware of it as well
minny says2015-02-03T20:42:10.4274175-06:00
Oh, oops! Sorry, sarcasm doesn't translate well online. Haha
Zylorarchy says2015-02-04T05:26:48.5248025-06:00

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