• Yes

  • No

53% 51 votes
47% 45 votes
  • I'm not so big on Trump, but in so far as he promotes liberty, I support him.

  • Yep. Much better than the corrupt Deplorable that is Hillary Clinton. Sure he makes mistakes, but it's not like Obama didn't make any mistakes during his presidency

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • He is the president of the United States of America. Even if Hillary would of won I would've supported her because if we don't support our president then we are doomed to fail and as a country that would not be in our best interest.

  • Trump is already president.

  • I'm hispanic and part black and I support Trump since he is a business man, and we need jobs. Who else knows what businesses want more than a multi-millionaire who makes all his money off selling his products around the world. To be fair, his products are garbage, but his business is still holding up like a powerful machine, and that's how we need our country to be, besides the bad products. If we can have any business person in office get companies over her, and have a bigger increase of jobs, then I don't see a problem. As of October, he's surpassed one million created jobs, and is making somewhat better tax reforms. From all the hate he's getting, we should give him some props for actually doing a better job than we expected from a person with no political experience, and fires everyone on his council who has been their for 3 days.

  • While Trump may be leaning to the globalist side now, I am still supportive of him.

  • he is improving our economy, and that's all I need to know!

  • I don't like him at all, but we need to accept that he's our president for at least the next few years and it would benefit all of us if we tried to work with him instead of against him

    Posted by: sudhr1
  • I have been in support of him since he was on the Phil Donahue show in 1970's. I like Phil also. I wish they got along.

  • He supports the white man, unlike GW and Obummer who spent their time courting Mexicans and coloureds.

  • He has cut taxes and regulations which in turn has brought new jobs and industry back to the U.S.

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nejiangel says2017-10-05T01:27:33.7868939Z
I do not support Trump. He's a racist and he's bias. He is the biggest critic i have ever heard of as it is proven by his actions many times over in many different occasions. Although i cannot speak against him in the matter of things i do not know about the US president, there's concrete evidence that he is not a good leader. He mendaciously accused London’s first Muslim mayor of being indifferent to terrorism, hours after a terrorist attack in London. Donald Trump spent much of his presidential campaign promising to use executive power to discriminate against Muslims. Upon election, he promptly banned immigration from several Muslim-majority nations. He created a diplomatic crisis with Australia — and threatened to invade Mexico. He allowed his press secretary to falsely claim that Iran had committed an act of war against the United States. He fired the director of the FBI for failing to demonstrate personal loyalty to him. He allowed the Justice Department to prosecute a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions. He baselessly accused President Obama’s national security adviser of committing a crime. He has failed to staff nearly 2,000 vacant Executive branch positions and believe it or not, he also declared the “court system” a threat to national security! Over and over, perceptible discrimination and inequity, has most certainly not given Trump my support nor the support of all others who agree with me.
Arganger says2017-10-05T01:53:42.9016325Z
@nejiangel I don't support Trump, but try not to misinterpret what is really caused by his lack of intelligence, as true malice.
gwhall2016 says2017-12-04T02:00:22.3015127Z
I do not, and will never support this waste of air. He is the most racist, sexist, homophobic pile of crap who does not represent 21st century America. On top of that, his constant lying and tweeting are annoying as hell. I cannot wait for Congress to dispose of him and his goons because they've hijacked our country to line their pockets.
mikethemartyr says2019-07-28T18:02:50.3393947Z
No, I do not. I can't bring myself to suppory. The two-party system anymore. Trump said he would protect the 2A but then passed more gun control legislation than Obama. He banned bump stocks and supported raising the federal minimum age to buy a gun to 21, Banning guns from certain people without due process, And even supported a ban on "assault weapons. " He opposes gun suppressors and 3D-printed guns. Trump claimed he would "eliminate the debt in 8 years" but in only 3 he has already brought the deficit back up to $1 trillion, Proposed the highest federal budget of all time ($4. 75 trillion), And is now on pace to add more to the debt than Obama. I oppose the war on drugs. I oppose massive government spending. I support a non-interventionist method, Bringing the troops home and cutting military spending. I believe that social security and medicare should be privatized and the welfare state abolished. I vehemently oppose eminent domain. I am not a poser. I vote Libertarian.

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