Do You Support Progressive or Regressive Income Tax?

Posted by: debate_power

  • Progressive

  • Regressive

62% 5 votes
38% 3 votes
  • Progressive taxation forces people with higher incomes to pay more and people with lower incomes to pay less. This helps balance the system considering the top 1% of America owns a significant portion of the total wealth.

    Posted by: Letrus
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debate_power says2014-11-10T15:44:25.8523599-06:00
Flat tax is regressive?
debate_power says2014-11-10T15:44:36.9750173-06:00
That doesn't sound right
frostyclaw says2014-11-10T17:07:35.5731883-06:00
I don't support any form of taxation.
blackkid says2014-11-24T17:14:35.9120322-06:00
Flat tax is regressive.
debate_power says2014-11-24T17:17:33.0857750-06:00

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