Do you support the Men's Rights Movement?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

The Men's Rights Movement is a global, social movement that is made to give men fair and equal rights and stop feminism from harming men, oppressing men, and discriminating against the majority of men. The MRM, in my opinion, is better than feminism, because it's serving as a global platform to give men fair rights too and not allow people to discriminate against men. I wonder if the MRM has actually been effective in the government and effective in serving its purpose to give men fair and equal rights.

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No, I don't support the Men's Rights Movement!

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Yes, I support the Men's Rights Movement!

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SegBeg says2016-07-19T14:32:52.2837116Z
Foodiesoul, the Mens Right's movement is no better than feminism. Unlike, feminism whose main aim to to gain equal rights for women as men, MRM's main focus is attacking feminism and THEN tackling men's rights. It seems that a lot of the MRM don't really care about men's rights, they just want to eradicate feminism from the face of the world. It is just as hypocritical.
Mnibdek says2016-09-02T11:53:31.1564668Z
I agree w SegBeg
SwagWaffle says2017-01-30T01:07:47.0514193Z
SegBeg, Femenists attack everyone, and then go for equality. Also, femenism shouldnt exist in Western society, as women have legal advantages over men. If you want equality in genders, support the MRAs, don't say they are anti femenist or sexist (but MGTOW is, but that's not really what men's rights is about.)
SwagWaffle says2017-01-30T01:15:41.0043232Z
Straightup.Gong, look at US laws. Tell me that they aren't bias towards men. Find a single law biased towards women. Women will most likely win cases in child care, child support, and the men will be stuck with the children even if no parent wants it. In addition, men are more likely to face workplace death or injury. Tell me that women are being discriminated against, when men are the ones. Don't cite things in the past, but in today's weastern society. How are men better off? Oh and don't start on rape. Men can get raped too. And they can also get robbed and killed more often too. Seriously, do your research before you spew BS online.

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