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Oh Hell no!

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I love it, George bush is smart!

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CyberConor says2015-05-20T19:04:02.9150080-05:00
Actually vote if you see this, because if you like it, remember, george bush is the cause.
CyberConor says2015-05-20T19:28:51.4747606-05:00
@utherpenguin, XD
58539672 says2015-05-20T23:25:18.9652883-05:00
It takes more than a president to get a bill past. If you don't like the Patriot Act, then blame every congressmen/women who voted for it and their constituents (which ends up being a good majority of the American populace). We only have ourselves to blame.
CyberConor says2015-05-21T17:24:55.0234186-05:00
@sniper1576, you do know what the Patriot Act is XD. It is the opposite, it lets the government spy on you, and take all your private info.

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