Do You Support Trump's Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Imports?

Posted by: TheDragon5

  • Yes, let's slap some tariffs!

  • No tariffs!

51% 22 votes
49% 21 votes
  • More US steel produced means more people working for decent pay. Prices only increase by 0.3 cents for a can of soda and even less if they use US steel

  • Employment is a bigger issue than GDP in America right now. The more employment, the less necessity for welfare. Tariffs help employment.

  • This tariff will promote the manufacturing of steel in the U.S. which will help the U.S. become more independent from foreigners for their goods

  • for those who say mthis will everything more expensive. money is a magical piece of paper we put value on. when we start doing business with them it was intially cheaper until society adapt to the new living wage standard. like wise a will be intially be more expensive to buy until society adapt to the new living standard.but we would be branging good paying job back when there a wealth crisis currently happening. change is not easy but that how the world. we need to get use to it.

  • it would start a trade war, and ruin world economies

  • I can see this going badly for us.

  • Tariffs make foreign-made products more expensive for Americans who wish to purchase them.

    Posted by: eran
  • Tariffs never do anything but make it harder to buy things for the poor. Besides that, almost all economists agree they are hurtful to the economy in the long run. Also, trade wars aren't easy to win, we'll lose this one.

    Posted by: Prier
  • Hidden under the guise of being "for the blue collar American", this tariff will most likely hurt the average American. Tariffs will increase the price of goods for everybody, the purchasing power of the dollar effectively goes down, and so everybody is poorer. These industrial jobs that supporters of the tariff which to bring back are jobs that we really shouldn't have. Coal workers suffer of black lung, factory workers get minimum wage for back breaking work. Anyway, too many jobs is just as bad as having too little jobs. Furthermore, we must assert ourselves as leaders of Earth moving forward. This isolationist tariff will do the opposite of that. We will distant ourselves from our allies and only madden our enemies. This will lead to our prominence on the global stage to decline.

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and78 says2018-03-10T14:28:08.5717036Z
The cost of the tariff would increase the price of anything made of steel cars, appliances etc. and passed on to the people who buy them. Tariff is a stupid solution and will not work.
Guy-de-Place says2018-03-13T20:49:13.1125422Z
On one hand, it checks Chinese domination of the market at a point when China is teetering between being the world's top economy and falling far back down the ladder. On the other hand, a few thousand new jobs mean nothing compared to the higher prices and ensuing trade wars. If it works, it is a good plan. If it fails, it is a bad plan. I will let history decide.

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