Do you support TTIP (And CETA)?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

If you're European and do not support TTIP, please sign here:

  • Yes

  • No

29% 2 votes
71% 5 votes
  • I'm an American, and I want the best for my country, so yes, I do support TTIP, because it will increase trade between our unions and will help stimulate economic growth.

  • No, TTIP is a clear and direct assault on democracy that hands power from governments, to corporations.

  • It is a violation of democracy, but more importantly a violation of humanity. It opposes all of our basic moral principles that we have gathered through history and displays corporate and government corruption in its clearest most pure form. Most general, down to earth people wont stand for it, and neither will i.

  • What the hell, just read the comments, if that's the case then by all means screw that man. If this passes then we'll be one step closer to becoming little more than a pawn in a corporate monopoly, that's what that is. I swear, in the name of god, I would help organize a revolution if it truly is as bad as you say.

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fazz says2014-12-04T09:12:51.5006285-06:00
Zylo: How does a simple Trade Agreement affect US sovereignity, or vice versa?
Zylorarchy says2014-12-04T13:13:20.1284391-06:00
Fazz: The answer to that is long and complex, but I shall try and explain it best I can. Essentially it comes down to the fact that TTIP adopts "Investor-state dispute settlement". It's kind of like it's own international legal system where corporate lawyers/experts decide the "guilt" or innocence of a country (in secret may I add). What are cases brought for? Well, if the host country creates a law that even in the slightest way, impedes the future profits of a foreign country, seeing as said country has agreed to free trade, that country's government can be sued an extraordinary amount. For example, Australia introduced plain packaging for cigarettes and foreign tobacco companies are not attempting to sue Australia for simply trying to improve the health of its citizens. Let's get this straight, a company is suing a country because of... Oh yes, simply because that law will harm their profits. That is how it will affect a countries sovereignty and when this treaty comes into force, it will allow US firms to do the same to European governments. The fact is that European and US laws on trade are not compatible.
Zylorarchy says2014-12-04T13:39:44.5119696-06:00
Dbushwacker: Look it up, but over a million Europeans have signed a petition against it. That's right, not 40,000 or something but a whole million. A petition set up by 300 NGO's.
dbushwacker says2014-12-04T13:45:29.5313728-06:00
I mean, I'm all for trade, but I never really trust the companies. They may be all nice and well meaning at first, but the capitalist always takes over and ruins for the lot of us, last thing I need is to be told is that I can't help my fellow man if it doesn't cut a profit for the rich. Hell with em' then.
arav says2014-12-05T05:13:36.1861175-06:00
Who cares?
muricanman says2014-12-05T09:29:20.7225831-06:00
@dbushwhacker Everyone likes to think that it is just capitalism and communism, but in reality what they are thinking is that the rich completely dominate the poor in capitalism. That is called crony capitalism, or corparate capitalism. Straight up capitalism is just a free market economy.
dbushwacker says2014-12-05T10:52:28.2914301-06:00
@muricanman Oh, then by all means forgive me for my misconception.
Zylorarchy says2014-12-06T11:43:03.7849285-06:00
Muricanman: Never the less, it is still a form of capitalism. It is capitalism that has gone way too far.

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