Do you support UN will open a field office in South Korea to monitor human rights in North Korea?

Posted by: yuna0707

The Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights will open a field office in South Korea on June 23 to monitor human rights in North Korea. The U.N. move follows a recommendation by the Commission of Inquiry, a U.N. panel tasked with probing human rights in the North.

  • Yes, I support UN will open a field office in South Korea

  • No, I don't support UN will open a field office in South Korea

67% 8 votes
33% 4 votes
  • I feel really sorry for North Korean people.

  • To begin with, the fact that the DPRK still exists is the UN's fault, as the Korean war was its first test in the UN's effectiveness at maintaining peace. It failed miserably by creating two states, dividing a people and a region that would constantly be at eachother's throats. The UN also does not have a good intelligence on just how bad it is in the DPRK, this monitoring post could potentially reveal just how horrid things are there and push the world into doing something for once, since, the world is the reason millions of people do not have access to healthcare, food, and the rights to choose their leader, to say what they wish, to have a good education, to have opportunity to better their lives and families. So, I think it is time the UN at least looked like it was doing something, so that maybe the world can see what's happening, care, and DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE.

  • Waste of money. UN can't do anything about it anyway. Sanctions only hurt civilians. Kim Jong Un and his Military will keep on going. NK won't really feel threatened by some UN peacekeepers.

  • The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has the BEST human rights record!

  • The UN can't and won't do anything about it anyway. You think they'll just let the people working for the UN in and give them a tour? LOL.

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-22T02:34:02.1955483-05:00
Why is it our business? If the people of NK let these things continue happening and don't try and help themselves by way of civil war, then obviously they don't want help. The people of NK think of their leader as a human embodiment of a God. Until they stand up and show the world they want to be free and they don't like the lifestyle, why should anyone waste money? We play the emotional game too much in Western Culture; "We need to help them because they don't know they need help." It's like us pushing Democracy in the Middle East; as we've seen from all the male and female recruits from Western Nations moving to the Middle East, some people just love being treated like crap, used, and abused. Some females want to go be turned out by a bunch of dirty, stanky, disgusting men, taking turns on her whenever they want; men that shower in a mud pit once a month, with the body figure of a Russian Nesting Doll and the hygiene of a common hog. Some guys want to feel all powerful, and be able to do whatever they want whenever they want without recourse; rape, use, abuse, pillage, kill, burn, etc.. It's not our business to stop it.
petermountain says2015-06-22T03:34:12.6406867-05:00
I feel really sorry for North Korean people.

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