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NedStarkshead says2014-04-25T04:44:30.3769898-05:00
Americans pay three times more for health care: United States --> $4,178 Switzerland --> $2,794 Germany ---> $2,424 Canada --> $2,312 Norway ---> $2,215 Denmark ---> $2,133 Austria --> $2,043 France ---> $2,077 Japan ---> $1,822 Italy -----> $1,783 Sweden --> $1,746 Finland --> $1,502 2. But Americans get worse care. The US is - 45th in Infant Mortality - 14th in Heart Attack Survival, is behind Japan, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Denmark and Germany, - 15th in mortality from preventable diseases behind, France, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, and Denmark. - Worst of G6 countries for supplying Urgent care, - Worst in medical errors. - Behind France in Lung, Colon and Breast cancer survival. And the French pay half as much for their care. - 5th in timely care 3. Insurance Costs Go To Overhead. Every year, Health insurance Companies are spending less and less on claims and more overhead. The amount insurance companies spend on medical claims has decreased by 28%. While profits for companies like United Health Care rose by 11%. Percentage of premiums spent on claims: 1993: 95% 2006: 80% 2008: 67% Some states were even worse: North Dakota: 55% WY, MA: 60% KY,ME,MN,SD: 65% Medicare: 97.9% of premiums were spent covering claims There, I know Republicans dont like scientific studies or even science itself, when science is the basis for medical care. However, how anyone can look at these numbers and think we don't need far more than even the changes within the Affordable Care Act is someone who likes to pay twice as much for their car here than they would in much of the world, That is, essentially, the place where we find ourselves. Total knee and hip procedures and why they cost ten times as much here as in Belgium, which is highly rated, and in France. The manufacturers of the prosthesis charge more for the prosthesis here in the U. S. Than the WHOLE PROCEDURE costs in Belgium. Belgium pays less than $600 for the prosthesis, which sometimes costs almost $12,000 here. Our system and our government permits the manufacturers of that prosthesis to gouge us. If they are making money on the prosthesis at $600, and they are or they wouldn't sell it, then why are we paying almost $12,000? We are doing it because our system does not protect consumers or this country. Were health care costs reigned in just 40% and outcomes required by the government, or else, then the hospitals, the suppliers, the pharmaceutical companies, the doctors and other providers would comply. They make money selling to other countries at the lower prices, and if the entire country were to be made on massive purchasing body, by law, then they would have to do it here. Many of those countries which rank high on the efficiency and low on costs, do just that. The French and Belgium systems will only pay an amount for medications and other things at a certain rate, and all the suppliers take that. Pharms are almost 50% less in France. Were we just to get that big a change here, imagine the savings for Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers, PREMIUMS and you and I. Do the same with the prosthesis for total knees, and all the other things which are supplied for far less there. One thing those efficient countries do is closely monitor outcomes for patients, such as whether surgeons meet quality and their patients suffer totally avoidable complications. Internists and pediatricians have to see their patients take their meds and get their checkups and babies get their vaccinations on time. They lower costs on preventable health care problems by doing that and keep their people healthier at far less cost.
progressivedem22 says2014-04-25T04:46:51.3025131-05:00
You forgot your source before copy/pasting much of your response:
discomfiting says2014-04-25T10:18:01.0631956-05:00
Snp1, obamacare isn't a universal healthcare but it's kind of close but i agree. Too many flaws but it doesn't mean we need to repeal it, just improve it.
Venusara says2014-04-26T02:27:22.2329077-05:00

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