• No

  • Yes

24% 8 votes
76% 25 votes
  • I don't support vaccines because I've seen the after effects of it, they're terrible. Look up what's inside of a vaccine, you'll be horrified.

  • they are very harmful. i have never given them to all my kids, and i will not take them. the people promoting them have evil agendas.

  • Vaccinations keep children and adults from the harmful diseases such as measles or HIV and keep children from dying of tetanus or any other disease out there. In general it keeps children and adults healthy.

    Posted by: luma12
  • They save millions of lives per year, and this stuff about them causing Autism? Bullshit. There's a reason why they have that seemingly stuff in there. The way vaccines work is the shot has an either weaker or dead version of a specific virus. Some of the supposedly dangerous stuff in there is to weaken of kill the virus. However, it's in a far too small quantity to actually harm you. Remember: It's the quantity that kills you. Some stuff is in there, like aluminum to trigger a minor irritation to alert the body's immune cells to go there, and find the weakened virus. The study that "proved" that vaccines cause autism has been discredited many, many times. That's why vaccines are safe and key to modern medicine.

  • Vaccines save lives, its a proven fact. All this crap about them causing autism is exactly that... crap. It is not physically possible for a vaccine to cause autism unless some genius somewhere has figured out how to give you another chromosome. It cannot be done, Vaccines only save lives.

  • There are so many lying pages on the internet. Get your research from reliable sources, I saw one website that said there was like monkey fetuses in them! That is so fake.

  • Vaccines keep us healthy and do not cause autism.

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TaterBaker says2017-10-07T15:45:08.5397973Z
I do not support or go against, Vaccines, I AM PRO CHOICE, but concerning a comment against Vaccines... Look what's inside a vaccine? Look's what inside pretty much everything. KFC, McDonald's, Prescription Drugs and Panadol. After effects? Are they terrible? Everything has after effects, oxygen is slowly killing us.
TeenDebater0236 says2017-10-07T19:23:23.2852765Z
@TaterBaker That's all true, but you can easily stop eating unhealthily. But, can you easily not do vaccines? My family is strongly against vaccines, my parents have tried their best to educate my siblings and me about vaccines and it's not so easy for our family to get out of vaccines. It's a fight. My brother used to be perfectly healthy and normal, but after taking a certain vaccine was not. And that's all I'm going to say about that situation. The same goes with my Great-Uncle, he got polio from a vaccine. From my family's experiences, I can definitely say I am against them. I have seen the harm from them.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2018-01-25T21:01:35.3537976Z
TeenDebater0236 I can completely empathize with you... That is horrible. You are very smart to KNOW where these damned diseases are coming from. I did some research into my father's death, and I think some needle/vaccine along the way gave him M.S..

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