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I listen more.

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I act according to situation.

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I talk more.

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Mister_Man says2015-04-20T18:08:01.9579842-05:00
Technically speaking, everyone listens more, considering for you to talk more than you listen, you would need to be talking for more than 50% of all conversations you've ever had.
Mister_Man says2015-04-20T18:09:53.5207782-05:00
That wasn't meant to be so bland lol
reece says2015-04-20T22:43:50.6861232-05:00
@Mister_Man If you wanna get Technical about it, you could talk for 70% of a conversation and then talk for 40% of a nother conversation and still would of talked more.
reece says2015-04-20T22:49:09.3728969-05:00
Now, lets define what "talking more" is in this context. Does it mean the amount of words you use compared to the other people? Or would it be just the amount of time you take up by talking in the conversation?
reece says2015-04-20T22:50:19.3944928-05:00
Anyway, it wouldn't matter that much.

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