Do you tend to put others before yourself or yourself before others more?

Posted by: PetersSmith

No, we aren't talking about life-or-death situations since I doubt any of you have been in one of those.

  • Others; we are not born for ourselves alone.

  • Yourself; you can't be anything for anybody else unless you take care of yourself first.

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29% 2 votes
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Krski says2014-10-24T05:53:29.4167457-05:00
This is not a right , scenario , a world with you alone can't be a world , a world without you can't be one either , you are how you create yourself , you are who you were and now are , and you are who you will be , nothing more nothing less .
Krski says2014-10-24T05:53:54.9299119-05:00
*right , wrong ...
reece says2014-10-24T05:59:02.5916534-05:00
@Kaiser100 Can you elaborate?
reece says2014-10-24T06:22:02.9929262-05:00
@Krski a world is subjective with you alone and a world without you means that you never existed."you are how you create yourself." If "yourself" means how the world built you, sure. "you are who you were and now are." I've thought about this before and i came to an opposite conclusion, you are who you are in the present, your past is in a different state of consciousness, same goes for your future (eternalism).

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