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blackkid says2014-10-26T15:04:24.8561372-05:00
Do you question your parents often?
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-26T15:12:22.4968551-05:00
Since I was little
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-26T15:13:17.8610945-05:00
Tonius: if you questioned authority you wouldn't be religious. Don't you ever question the Bible? Your priest?
blackkid says2014-10-26T15:27:32.6053196-05:00
"if you questioned authority you wouldn't be religious.", that is both stupid and blind.
Tonius5 says2014-10-26T15:30:35.8632184-05:00
@blackkid I have, yes. @benjaminimuffin Who hasn't questioned their beliefs? Questioning the Bible is not the same as defying it. Saying that if I questioned authority, I wouldn't be religious is likely one of the most ignorant things I have heard in a long time (No offense). Authority has no influence over personal beliefs.
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-26T16:03:26.6847237-05:00
Blackkid: that's great. I wasn't talking to you
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-26T16:04:18.6578836-05:00
Well you were most likely raised Catholic. You just accept that? You're believing everything your parents told you to be true
Tonius5 says2014-10-26T18:07:05.2750960-05:00
I was a hardcore Atheist for four years of my life.
debate_power says2014-10-26T18:08:43.0904744-05:00
I mean, I'm all for obeying authority, but I believe everyone should reserve the right to question it.
Tonius5 says2014-10-26T18:12:40.5909640-05:00
A fine line exists between authority and tyranny. Question one, fight the other.
blackkid says2014-10-26T19:10:22.9749408-05:00
I wonder if any of you actually know the most dangerous authority ...
Renegader says2014-10-27T00:33:06.5785132-05:00
Its yourself. We alone are the most dangerous authority.
blackkid says2014-10-27T13:39:56.7405534-05:00
Congratulations. So who questions themselves constantly? And where does that even lead?

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