Do you think 20 years old is too young to run for state assembly ?

Posted by: Danjoi6896

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Yes they need more experience and education which comes with age

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No, as long as you're qualified then you're fine

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-15T00:37:59.3921160-05:00
The fact of the matter is scientists have found that the Frontal Lobe (Neocortex) in people does not complete its development until around 25 years of age (more specifically, 22 for females and 25 for males with exceptions). This is the region of the brain responsible for logic and reasoning. If you do not possess proper and full logic and reasoning abilities due to physiological development, do we as citizens, and even just as people, really feel they are fully prepared for the position speaking strictly on terms of mental development? Politicians are generally alpha-male egoists so they will never admit, let alone believe, they are not ready for the responsibility of the position so they will never put a reasonable and logical stop to this. There is a reason why presidential candidates must be 35 and it's not just about experience.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-07-15T15:00:13.9063204-05:00
I think it depends on the position. Pragmatic stuff like budgets and stuff, sure if youre qualified. Idealist type stuff like figureheads (mayors, governors, etc.) and leadership type roles ... No.

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