Do you think America is starting to hate christians?

Posted by: Thescarecrow066

Are American citizens becoming haters of the Christian or Catholic Religon?

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TBR says2015-10-02T01:37:41.8181295Z
@gabep - Nice
whiplatch says2015-10-02T02:20:29.3650839Z
Of course they are.... It doesn't fit in the New World Order agenda they are pushing on you.. Lol I'm not even religious but it's very obvious
briantheliberal says2015-10-02T19:47:48.0437099Z
Americans don't hate Christians, most Americans ARE Christians. What you see as "hate" is merely the dismantling of the status quo in which Christians have been on top and used to oppress others for centuries. Opposing and fighting against unequal power structures in society doesn't equate to hatred.
gabep says2015-10-02T22:25:49.3848630Z
@briantheliberal- my point exactly.
stainless67 says2015-10-10T19:08:06.2762889Z
So gay marriage becomes legal and all of a sudden america hates christians. I'm not gay but I dont get why humans try to go out of there way to press they're agenda on to others
TBR says2015-10-22T14:25:22.8786036Z
@stainless67 - What do you mean by that?
Skyscraper says2015-12-02T17:15:27.0259486Z
I just find there weird and hypocritical(I used to be one), but were i live we have Mennonites, and even a jehovah witness preacher that lives across the street from me and every Wednesday they have big meetings then they come out when done and start knocking on my door to give me new flyers . But Yes bad people go to church too and never buy car at a used car lot just because he says he is Christean and trustworthy...Take your money and run. But over all they are good people and many mean no harm to you or to me. And in the community here we help each other out .

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