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dichotomyslave says2014-05-14T18:24:13.1549451-05:00
Dmussil That is a general question, too. It isn't pointed at a specific person or group. People do ask general questions and there are general answers. So, don't be so PC fied.
SamStevens says2014-05-14T20:53:58.9120153-05:00
Every one is ignorant about something so this applies to americans and other people.
numberwang says2014-05-14T21:06:52.3927449-05:00
Which Americans? North? South? Who specifically?
dmussi12 says2014-05-14T21:20:48.8042680-05:00
I shouldn't have said generalization, I should have said stereotype. My bad. I mean that a lot of people think that Americans are ignorant, and it is sort of stereotypical. A lot of times its because there are more conservatives here, or because our culture is different in that we don't emphasize intellectualism or social justice in the ways other places do. However, we have a lot of smart people and I would not say that the American people as a whole are ignorant.
patrick967 says2014-05-15T17:28:59.5288657-05:00
Number, there's a US flag for the picture? Who do you think we're talking about?
dichotomyslave says2014-05-16T00:22:26.6770566-05:00
Dmuss Yes it is a stereotype on some level, but it does ring true more and more each day.
TheMaster_Debator says2014-05-16T08:03:52.5395357-05:00
Dmussi12, just because we have conservatives doesn't mean we are ignorant. You are quiet honestly ignorant if you claim that one party or another is better. This is why my European friends think that Europe is more ignorant than the Americas, because they mainly choose liberals and conservatives are rarely elected.
TheMaster_Debator says2014-05-16T08:04:22.8954522-05:00
Note: I have never been to Europe so that is not my opinion!
numberwang says2014-05-16T10:23:23.8694391-05:00
Perhaps, master, they elect liberals because theyre more informed and liberals are the better choice. Also Id point out that Europe is generally more liberal than America. They have conservatives just not by our standards because liberal and conservative are relative to each nation's issues.

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