Do you think America's public education system is flawed (at all)?

Posted by: Juiceboxhero

Don't hesitate to leave comments, and only give an answer if you're sure.

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George_Lenton says2015-04-08T10:48:56.2718576-05:00
Absolutely, though unfortunately. Of course, every education system currently implemented has a series of flaws, but the US system is one of the most disappointing. As such a modernized collection of states, the USA is currently one of the greatest western powers, and yet it's educational system is inferior to that of states such as China, the UK and numerous European countries far less prosperous than the States. While elementary and middle-high school work at similar levels to the British Primary and Secondary schools, the greatest difference lies between the final years of High school in comparison to British college level.
reece says2015-04-08T23:11:10.1581273-05:00
@CannedBread Vote yes.
Juiceboxhero says2015-04-09T08:25:32.4902076-05:00
CannedBread: The prompt states that you should only vote if you're sure. If you don't understand the question, then don't vote, or at least ask for clarification.
CannedBread says2015-05-05T15:34:31.9877250-05:00
Juiceboxhero, it's a joke, because implying that I don't understand the question could make someone infer that the public education system is flawed.

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