Do you think barefoot running is a better way to exercise than running with shoes?

Posted by: whatshouldIdo

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  • Barefoot running is better than running with shoes.

  • Running with shoes is better than without

50% 5 votes
50% 5 votes
  • Wells, there are opposing views from both camps, but the feeling to come from pinching the ground with the toes, the ball of the foot that licks the asphalt with each stride forward, and the pure, unhindered transference of power from the torso through the thighs, calves, ankles then finally, expressed with the natural fluidity through the feet is of such gratification and wild liberation that shoes seemingly serve only to restrain. I can't say barefoot running is objectively better, considering that there are risks to doing so, but it is undoubtedly an intuitive choice to running in shoes since it is bare skin that we were born with on soles of our feet, not rubber manufactured in China, Thailand, and [insert name of exploited third world country offering cheap labor].

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Masterful says2016-12-22T14:54:05.2133848Z
It's great until you get a large thorn skewered through the middle of your foot.
Burnttoast1204 says2016-12-22T19:07:28.3769925Z
Yeah, I agree with @blargargnarg but your feet get REALLY tough. I am always barefoot, and I can walk on legos and stuff and it doesn't even hurt.

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