Do you think Ben Carson is a 'sell out' to the Republican party?

Follow the link:

  • Yes, he endorsed Donald Trump!

  • No, who cares that he endorsed Trump.

50% 6 votes
50% 6 votes
  • he's not a sell out, he's just incredibly, horribly ignorant

  • Because you support someone does not make you a sellout. The entire millennial generation is selling out America by supporting Socialist Sanders. Are all Millennials sellouts? No, they are just extraordinarily ignorant.

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TBR says2016-03-15T21:29:50.7491208Z
He is a moron. Fit right into this years crop of GOP candidates. I'm not sure half of them know jack sh1t about law or government.
BIGC says2016-03-15T23:54:05.3815923Z
Cruz does and he is the best by far
Anonymous says2016-03-16T11:51:23.9120012Z
Only Marco Rubio was good and now, regrettebly, he has dropped out of the race
ho11yw00d says2016-03-18T21:26:27.0487251Z
TBR - Carson is a neurosergeon that has saved countless real lives using his skills and intellect. But according to you, he is a moron. I think we know who the real moron is here.
Texas14 says2016-03-18T22:06:28.4182971Z
@ho11yw00d, if he were running for chief surgeon I would vote for him. But he has absolutely no qualifications for being president. He also believes that the earth was literally created in six days. That's a ridiculous belief and it takes a ridiculous mind to believe it.
Anonymous says2016-03-18T23:20:28.0269303Z
Texis, Carson may be an idiot but do not insult his faith you ignorant fool.

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