Do you think breeding dogs is right

Posted by: mnichols22

Vote and list why you picked that

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I think we should breed dog but not in a bad way

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I dont think we should breed dogs

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I think breeding dogs is right

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Kreakin says2015-06-09T20:33:23.2620432-05:00
Dogs should only be bred for food.
Reeseroni says2015-06-09T21:50:32.4368249-05:00
@Kreakin, for whose food?
brianhover says2017-07-09T15:44:42.1975013Z
I am a dog owner and I definitely say "yes"! How can dog population grow in another way? In my <a href="https://puppiesdogs.Org/">travel puppy blog</a>, I also write about different breeds and every time I write the article I am amazed by so different breeds that exist on this planet. So definitely I agree

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