Do you think Donald Trump should become the next president??

Posted by: sky_from_the_unwanteds

Do you think that Donald Trump should be outer next president??? I personally eould not want such a racist person as our next president. I know a lot of people have different views though. People say that he was a very disses full man and knows what he's doing. Well, no dip Sherlock, if any idiot starts out with 442 million dollars of course they are going to become a freakin million air.

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PericIes says2015-09-06T02:45:29.6348911Z
I think that people should stop making these polls for about 5 minutes.
sky_from_the_unwanteds says2015-09-06T02:49:47.8518587Z
Pericles- We just want to make sure that our world doesn't go currupt
Hanspete says2015-09-06T02:55:29.0063332Z
Look at my profile, judge for yourself.
TBR says2015-09-06T03:16:17.3766147Z
Hanspete - I still have my google hangout bug eating bet open. You seem like the confident type. You up for it? Trump doesn't get the nomination. Looser eats a bug on the DDO hangout.

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