Do you think Donald Trump will get the Republican nomination?

Posted by: ladiesman

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trickedout101 says2016-03-05T04:13:21.8154842Z
Think Donald Trump wouldn’t do well in office? Think again. Yes, he has a tendency to speak without thinking and he’s embarrassed himself on more than a couple of occasions. Plus, we all thought this was just a publicity stunt. However, what we may not realize is that Trump may bring some needed change to the country. Find out the top reasons why Trump would make the best president of all time.
ladiesman says2016-03-05T04:24:01.2619085Z
Trump is a bigoted egomaniac and is unworthy of political power; you call registering Muslims and shutting down American mosques a needed change? "Victims in Paris should've had guns?" He even insulted a disabled reporter! Does America need that type of leader?
NuckaBlitz says2016-03-05T05:33:46.3024102Z
The government refuses to discuss 9/11. Trump says he'll reopen the investigation. He may be reckless, and stupid, and a horrible president.. But he's not going to be the kind of reckless stupid horrible president Bush was. He's not going to be the divisive, manipulate, calculating president Obama was. In truth, the president is far too important these days. If nothing else, the popularity of Trump should show us the weakness of a democratic system with a overly powerful executive. If you don't like Trump, maybe you should have voted for Ron Paul in 2012. His insane ideas would have made a runner like Trump redundant. Ideas like returning power to the states, dismantling monolithic federal programs, empowering citizens, and reeling back many of the recent power that the government is capable of levying against us. Or, perhaps you should have voted for Rand. Either way, it's too late. American's have the mentality of late Romans, thanks to decades of subversion and the corruption of our political process. They don't seem to feel that they have a voice, they feel alienated and suspicious of one another, and they've been taught for too long not to care about it all that much. This is the result.

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