Do you think Global Warming is human caused or narturaly caused?

Posted by: SailorVisMe

  • Human Caused

  • Naturaly Caused

61% 14 votes
39% 9 votes
  • If you believe in a 4 Billion year old earth, or even if you believe in a few thousand year old earth, you have to recognize the fact that the Ice age happened with no human intervention, just as the great thaw happened with no human intervention. Just because its getting hot or cold doesn't mean the world is ending, it means the world is changing. Weather happens, seasons change. Nature can take care of itself, and it has for billions/thousands of years. Stop blaming people for polar bears losing their natural habitat.

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MechVarg says2015-05-07T15:56:52.1407048-05:00
Bartholomew says2015-05-07T16:39:02.4390121-05:00
It is human caused because when people use some type of factory or power plant or what ever kind that releases chemicals in the air which cause global warming because it mostly releases Carbon Dioxide up in the atmospher which stays more b caus of the excessive amount and traps heat from the Sun in the world because the carbon acts Like a dome type structure from keeping it from escaping.
Reeseroni says2015-05-07T16:54:44.9229848-05:00
Climate Change is natural, humans have enhanced it.
CannedBread says2015-05-07T19:14:56.0724024-05:00
Climate change can be caused by humans, but not on the scale that those gay liberal scientists make out to be.
briantheliberal says2015-05-07T21:09:15.9768421-05:00
It is happening naturally, however, humans have sped up the process.
briantheliberal says2015-05-07T21:11:10.3863846-05:00
CannedBread, those "gay liberal scientists" have actual research and years of education indicating their expertise in the field they study. What are your credentials?
Pope_of_Hermitan says2015-05-07T21:30:30.7049466-05:00
The only credible scientists are never asked
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-07T21:37:43.9206452-05:00
Even if humans are speeding up the process, the liberal policies of carbon tax and limits is going to do jack shlt. Have you ever considered that, one there is already carbon up there that is going to still cause a heat increase even if were able to stopped a CO2 production, two even if the US stopped all CO2 production other countries wouldn't, and the carbon tax and limits wouldn't even greatly reduce CO2 produced in the US. So in the end all those liberal carbon policies would throw us behind economically and reduce our ability to deal with the supposed damage from climate change.
basils says2015-05-07T23:00:56.7334548-05:00
Both, duh
MrFox says2015-05-08T03:17:08.9684142-05:00
Both? If we want less climate change, because it harms us a lot, we should poison it less. Life has always had massive influence on earth's climate, oxygen exists on earth because of life forms producing it.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-08T09:04:03.8958164-05:00
Carbon dioxide isn't a poison except in extreme amounts, but then again water is also toxic in extreme amounts too. But the really only negative CO2 has is that it supposedly causing global warming, other than that it is perfectly harmless.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-08T09:05:09.7269128-05:00
" Life has always had massive influence on earth's climate, oxygen exists on earth because of life forms producing it." Believe it or not, we are a very small amount of life. Our biomass is dwarfed by almost every other type of animal.
SamW says2015-05-08T10:02:14.3140172-05:00
There is no doubting that natural climate change happens. However, humans are just a rather important variable in the big scheme of things. With all of the CO2 and Greenhouse gasses being produced by humans, heat is being trapped in the atmosphere. This is contributing to the natural global warming that may or may not have happened anyways.
16agerc says2015-05-08T11:57:46.5636145-05:00
So what? Yeah we are polluting, but think about all the way back to the dinosaurs. It was hotter than blazes in their time, then comes an ice age and neither of those were caused by humans.

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