Do you think Golan Heights is supposed to belong to Israel?

Posted by: Itsjohncena

  • Yes. Golan Heights belong to Israel

  • No. Golan Heights belong to Syria

60% 9 votes
40% 6 votes
  • If I'm not mistaken, the Golan heights are predominately populated with Syrians. Shouldn't the Syrians there have the right to live in Syria (even though that may not be the best choice at the moment) without moving?

  • It's truly spectacular to see so many people have double standards. And people wonder why Middle easterns hate us. Golan heights belongs to Syria. So no, that area is not " supposed " to belong to Israel.

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PetersSmith says2015-11-29T17:34:09.9242431Z
It belongs to America like everything else.
Skyscraper says2015-11-29T19:29:25.4653867Z
Through the endless time of wars that were waged , boarders changed and powers all over the world. But if you try to argue to me anything over 200 years that it was once there's. I cant support it. Hens what is going on with Russia and Crimea. Israel is going to have growing problems as the state is so small and population is rising and in the future we could see them wagging war, antagonizing or dressing it up to be something else to get supporters on board from the western world. They will need to wage war at one time but i am not saying it is right.

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