• Yes

  • No

70% 14 votes
30% 6 votes
  • Read this former member's account: https://www.quora.com/Is-ISKCON-a-cult Arranged marriages, emotional torture, required clothing, thought control... Oh yeah, it's a cult. Not like Scientology where they're after money, but it's still destructive.

  • Hare Krishna worship the Hindu god Krishna and the definition of cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

  • They are a religious moment based on Vaishnavism. Hare Krishna's belong to Gaudiya Vaishnav sect. I won't call them a cult unless we start labelling Roman Catholics and Protestants sects of Christianity also as cults.

  • No. It's a evangelical branch of Hinduism. Nothing more.

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KaulDeva says2017-01-24T16:51:23.7081493Z
There are more than 500 million followers of Vaishnavism . Hare Krishna Originated from one of the sects of Vaishnavism . So Both Yes & No
Amarandum says2017-01-25T04:41:12.1204856Z
Read a former member's account: https://www.Quora.Com/Is-ISKCON-a-cult Arranged marriages, thought control, emotional torture... It's a cult. It's size only makes it more dangerous... Look at Scientology.
dog_tired says2018-01-27T19:25:27.2397109Z
No Islam is a cult!

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