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Heaven and Hell are real places.

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No, they aren't real.

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I don't understand....

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reece says2016-02-26T01:13:03.1944908Z
Where would i go? My current conscious state would turn off. My chemical potential would diffuse.
reece says2016-02-26T01:43:38.5751222Z
@cludwig Don't even try to imagine what death is. Death is a lack of life, and life is a word to categorize a form of chemistry that we relate to.
BuffHitler says2016-02-26T02:08:35.2643163Z
Look the bible says how to get to heaven but not how the heavens go, but in my opinion I believe neither of them exist. God sending you to a dungeon full of demons, fire pits and a hellish place to rest and.... He still loves you. Please, who is going to believe that. Everyone is going to hell anyway, like it said in the ten commandments which i guess is a big factor in Christianity and other religions, said that we shalt not covet and that we shalt not commit adultery, well i'll see the majority of mankind there. But, I'll be at heavens gate waiting for my turn to get in and once i get up to the gate. Well "Jesus died for all our sins" and walk right on through. But, I'm fine going to hell, if it were to be real, i mean I'm going to be a savage. Living off others flesh and fighting with swords and all that jazz, i'm cool.
cludwig says2016-02-26T02:59:48.3436154Z
@cludwig I don't think death leaves much to the imagination. Death is simply the number 0
Anomie22 says2016-02-26T06:53:58.8856824Z
Not very many christians on debate.Org apparently.
reece says2016-02-26T07:57:26.8054540Z
@Anomie22 *Steeples hands* The internet is where religion comes to die.
snkcake666 says2016-02-26T15:01:43.1166185Z
@reece You seem to dislike religion for the sake of disliking it. Which disliking something is by no means wrong, but I have never seen you thoroughly substantiate yourself.
reece says2016-02-26T23:55:28.7230991Z
@snkcake666 I faith ;)
reece says2016-02-26T23:56:15.0406867Z
@snkcake666 I have faith ;)
reece says2016-02-27T00:04:11.7526508Z
More like the lack of it.
brundondevri says2017-11-22T03:33:42.0783768Z
Ecclesiastes 9:5,6

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