Do you think Hell exists?

Posted by: pozessed

Do you believe there are people who go to hell after they die?

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No. Hell does not exist.

20 votes

Yes. People go to Hell after they die.

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BudrMeqdadi says2013-09-08T21:29:34.2214166-05:00
Nothing is truly certain. Only likelihoods and possibilities in favour or not in favour of something can genuinely exist. I do not believe in such a thing as the religiously envisioned hell because there are far too many contradictions in most religious scriptures and insane abstractions. I am more than inclined to believe that no such thing exists but that does imply an ignorance to the vast possibilities of life. Therefore, I resolve in between as "Maybe".
secret_strategem says2013-09-09T08:12:25.9733443-05:00
As an annihilationist, I believe that you do not go to heaven or hell when you die but rather are reserved in the grave until the day of judgement. On that day the unrepentant will be given a death by fire, after which the dead will cease to exist. This is a fair and just ruling by God, with the punishment matching the crime. If this Biblical truth was more well known than its deceptive, unfair and frightening counterpart, I believe there would be less atheists in this world. Matthew 10:28 , Matthew 13:30, Malachi 4:1-3 etc.
demonlord343 says2014-03-06T18:50:07.1417180-06:00
There is no hell. It is a lie built by the Church. Seriously, Hell is nonexistent.
shaancl_716 says2015-02-16T23:01:50.6405509-06:00
I don't understand why people spew out bible versus. "The Bible is true because the Bible says that it is true"

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