Do you think humans are stupid?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

We all do stupid things in our lives but some humans are more stupid than others while other humans are completely stupid.

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I think that humans are stupid but I'm not a misanthropist!

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No! I don't think humans are stupid, at least not all of them!

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Yes! I definitely think humans are stupid! Misanthropist and proud!

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Vox_Veritas says2016-06-16T03:53:12.3223849Z
Humans are certainly capable of irrational thought and actions, but most talk of "Humans are stupid" is designed to stroke egos about how the speaker is (allegedly) exempt from this principle.
Axonly says2016-06-16T03:55:27.7156528Z
What Vox said
Marcuz says2016-06-16T04:53:54.3061308Z
These days its safe to say we as a species, don't make decisions that'll give rise to the best possible outcome. Maybe because of ideology or pride or lack of morality, whatever the reason we just don't. Which i would bet comes to everyone at some point in life. I think you have to stick to your core, and by core i mean a part of you composed of what you believe and think and feel, what makes a person "stupid" is if that core is comprised of things that will hinder the best possible aftermath for your future..I guess
Foodiesoul says2016-06-16T16:03:28.0399133Z
@Marcuz Nicely said.
maslow says2016-06-18T17:38:59.2015988Z
I think radicalized extremist terrorist Christians are
TechnologicalSingularity says2016-06-20T06:07:10.3271345Z
Stupidity is nothing but a social construct. Human worth should be measured by the survivability of their species. Looking at the Bipedal timeline, it looks as if homo sapiens have been here for like 200,000 years until current, still pale in comparison to Homo Erectus, which had a estimated over million years on this planet, and others ( I don't want to spell their entire names out) . Point is, we are all idiots, helpless in the age of anthropogenic destruction, due to short sighted profits and fiat currency. Not all the IQ in the world will prove intelligent, if there will be no more humans to test their IQ.

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