Do you think Interstellar Travel will be a good thing?

Posted by: Dishoungh

  • Yes

  • No

84% 16 votes
16% 3 votes
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Seido says2014-05-03T20:45:44.5160059-05:00
It might be. It might grant us the ability to see the vastness of space. It might grant us the ability to meet other intelligent life, be it vastly superior or inferior than our own. It might allow us to find new and amazing resources. It might help us discover brand new forms of science and technology. It might help us discover new places to settle on and to live.It might help us, as humans, come together as a species to work as one. On the other hand, it might drain us of our resources. It might pit us against intelligent forms of life that want to destroy us. There are an infinite number of possibilities of what it MIGHT do, but until we try it, we'll never know.
Dishoungh says2014-05-03T20:56:45.4412059-05:00
Interstellar travel will become important for our survival because eventually this world will be obliterated directly because of our sun. Also, when we achieve interstellar travel, we will discover things unimaginable. We will be able to do great things. That is true innovation. I don't think aliens want to destroy us Seido because they might have the same idea as us. They want to see us as well. We want to meet them and they want to meet us. NASA did say they want Interstellar travel to be possible in the next 100 years. I want to work with them to help them with that.

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