Do you think Jerusalem should stay as Palestine's capital?

Posted by: Mz99

28 Total Votes

Jerussalem should be Israel's capital

20 votes

Jerussalem should be palestine's capital

8 votes
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PoliticalAIm says2017-12-21T16:12:56.4152500Z
Don't you need a Palestinian state before you have a Palestinian capital?
Inconvenient_Truth says2018-01-14T20:31:59.0346218Z
I second PoliticalAlms's question. @Knaveslayer: I certainly empathize with the Palestinian people but how can they declare a capital when they don't have a de facto state?
Hassel says2018-02-21T22:44:50.9806096Z
Neither. They should fight a total war and kill each other.

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