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ALmost all were white

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Half were half were not

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Almost none were white

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BblackkBbirdd says2015-05-03T02:47:54.3459744-05:00
Wow, what amazing options. They all make total sense.
superwoman222 says2015-05-03T02:50:15.5433846-05:00
I meant out of you're experiences how many were white or other
Nuzlocke4 says2015-05-03T02:55:15.7440444-05:00
Ummmmm, the answer options are really weird.
TheMarquis says2015-05-03T03:32:21.3589343-05:00
Time and place really do affect this. And the issue with it is that racism is usually mutual. I'd have to give it to whites just because there are more whites, but I don't find that fair. I've met a lot of racists in both among the elderly.
TheUniversalUniverse says2015-05-03T04:01:46.1506025-05:00
This is retarded and your argument suffers from the black or white fallacy, meaning that you're only showing some of the options that exist. But no, mathematically most racists could not have been white, most means holding majority, when this is simply not true, it's just that racism is more popularly commented on/ known about with whites due to the whole slave trade that happened so many years ago, in fact there are probably a fair amount of racists in each respective race, and before you bring up any more arguments containing logical fallacies, I will admit that I am indeed white, but that's not why I'm commenting this.
superwoman222 says2015-05-03T04:48:21.6205384-05:00
@theuniversaluniverse I need this poll for a school assignment. I never even mentioned the word blacks by the way. And i dont even have an argument its just a poll calm down. I don't mean to genrelize but why do you whites get so pissed everytime the word racism and white is mentioned? I wasn't intending anything yet you are here giving me a speech.And your argument suffers aswell since after your point you use "probably" . Why do you think most races have a fair amount of racists? That is based on nonsense. For my research my teacjer provided me with several census reports and government reports indicating whites are most racist people, and I was made to argue that. But I can't find and evidence, including this poll, which goes against that report. Maybe it is true, maybe slavery and your previous actions did infact effect your behaviour today which is probs why racsm is more common in white. And im not racist, just proposing a theory
Stefy says2015-05-03T07:50:12.2716265-05:00
What do you mean "were," the better word to use here is "are"
uglie-boy says2015-05-03T18:10:46.2820286-05:00
Only white people can be racist
I_DONT_CARE says2015-05-05T13:41:26.0600201-05:00
Nice answer choices dick............Your options are making you seem racist
Espera says2015-05-06T12:40:25.1326849-05:00
Superwoman222 - you are arguing from bias and that's bad and you should feel bad. And your teacher should be fired if she failed to present you a more balanced viewpoint. Racism is something anyone can feel (and most do) - but discrimination is something only the powerful in society can do. Or have you not heard of the Caste system in India or you know Japan's racial issues or you know anything not super American-centric? Also...Nevermind you've already made up your mind.
superwoman222 says2015-05-10T04:32:19.5015133-05:00
Wtf @espera , I didn't state my opinion i just stated possible reason. Im not calling anyone racist. Why do you feel so offended when I ask such a question? Why should my teacher be fired? In class we are studying about stereotypes and it is completely fine, no one is being racist, we are just studying the subject. If you feel threatened by the research i have to do , maybe you are trying to keep me from such information.
FoeHammer117 says2015-09-18T14:12:55.6139710Z
Because "whites are racist" IS a negative stereotype. It would be just as offensive as asking "are blacks less intelligent than other races?"; people will get offended. And the polls and consensus your teacher posted is subjective; statistics can modify criteria to support anything. And by asking you to challenge it, when you obviously can't find any research done for it, she's basically teaching you to identify people based on stereotypes.
imtrash says2017-11-05T17:17:27.4108957Z
The word 'racism' was made by a black man, to explain that a white man was making fun of the color of his skin, but when people say that I'm racist because is being "racist" its just the world we live in, everyone needs to calm down

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