Do you think muslim women should be able to wear hijab?

Posted by: Dilara

I'm a muslim teenage girl but I'm not religious at all and I believe that if a woman chooses to wear hijab that that is her choice and no one should tell her what to do. If she is forced into it that is a different story. If you force a woman to not wear hijab when she truly wants to isn't it just as bad as forcing her to wear it when she doesn't want to. I chose not to wear hijab. I believe that if a w omen truly believes that she is suppose to cover and actually wants to than she should be able to. If she

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She should only be able to wear it in certain places

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Crescendo says2014-05-08T18:01:09.9743988-05:00
Well, the US is a free country and there's nothing immodest about the Hijab. So yeah. It's their right. I do have one question though: why do women who wear the Hijab also wear a ridiculous amount of makeup at the same time?
Shadow-Dragon says2014-05-08T19:00:16.0992918-05:00
There is actually a common misconception about this. Nowhere in the Quran does it say that women have to wear a Hijab. Rather, it is a male imposed clothing item, and women have become so accustomed to wearing it, people seem to wear it voluntarily now. The religion does not require it, but the anti-women Muslim society does.
jyotipatel says2014-05-09T09:49:40.9342960-05:00
If she wants to wear she can...But,no force.. But,I personally think No one in home agree to not wear..
Shadow-Dragon says2014-05-09T16:59:04.9763230-05:00
Also for the maker of the poll, if you are not religious, do not mark yourself with the religion Muslim. If you are not actually Muslim, don't mention it when you describe yourself in other places because you are just drawing negative attention to yourself. (I'm not Muslim, obviously)

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