Do you think pizza has a beneficial affect on humanities diet?

Posted by: o0jeannie0o

In general, Not "it can be made healthy if we tke out this or add that" the average pizza on the bulk of the population.

  • Yes Pizza is benificial to our diets

  • No, pizza has no significant benefits to our diet.

64% 7 votes
36% 4 votes
  • It has dough (carbohydrates), it has cheese (dairy), it can have pepperoni or other similar materials (meat) and it can have things such as pineapple or pepper (fruit and vegetables) it has all the things from the good bits of the food pyramid. So in moderation, yet again pizza is a good thing for your health.

  • To say otherwise is blasphemous,

  • Pizza contains multiple food groups, which is extremely healthy. You have meat, dairy, bread, vegetables, and oils (as well as fruit for the hawaiian pizza people). Where did the idea that pizza, hotdogs, burgers, and sandwiches are bad for you come from? These are foods that have the most variance in food groups and thus, most nutrient content.

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blackwhite says2015-08-06T10:56:48.1766784Z
It has only one benefit - it tastes amazing.

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