• Yess!!

  • NO WAY!!

65% 40 votes
35% 22 votes
  • yes because its hottttt

  • cuz itz hawt

  • Colorful hair is always hot, though the person beneath it might not be... That doesn't mean normal hair is any less hot, it simply means that colorful hair is pretty damn awesome...

  • yes but it depends on the intensity and colors.

  • It can be. Depends if It looks nice or not. The hair in the picture is nice.

  • I have my hair dyed completely teal and in a mohawk and guys like it a lot.

  • It has nothing to do with the hair, but the girl/guy. Being a guy, I'm attracted to girls who look pretty, and their hair is kind of an added bonus if it looks good. However, if they can pull off coloured hair, I like them even more, as not many people have coloured hair.

  • Of course, any alternative form of self-expression is beautiful. Be it colorful hair or body piercings, I find both of these very attractive.

  • Yes! Absolutely! I actually want to do something like this with my hair. lol

  • "Pretty", you mean? I don't really use the word "hot" as a matter of preference, and my opinion is also such that strange, artificial things such as different hair colors draw from natural good looks. A lot of times things done with the intent to beautify fulfill quite the opposite.

  • It is far too flashy for my taste...

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PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-05-31T00:58:59.3367382-05:00
I prefer all natural and no makeup (more real this way).
PlumberGirl123 says2014-06-23T16:16:08.2952076-05:00
Depends how you wear it and as long as you are happy with the way you look. The more you dye your hair the quicker you will lose it. Js
Dusevni says2014-06-28T01:38:42.5561246-05:00
Usually not, but I am not closed to the idea and occasionally it can be attractive. I don't like it usually though because it often comes with non styled hair because it is used as a cop out of styling hair which adds a far larger sex appeal percentage.
debate_power says2014-07-10T13:28:20.8796624-05:00
I lose a bit of respect for someone when I see that they've done things to their body like coloring their hair. How very tacky and low-class.
samael666 says2014-08-19T17:33:53.6042764-05:00
Hell yeah 666

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