Do you think that citizens should be allowed to carry weapons for protection?

Posted by: happycj

Carrying a sidearm for protection

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Not sure

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Debating_Horse says2018-09-27T21:01:44.6737252Z
I've had my conceal carry permit for a long time, And I feel safe with my gun by my side. An extra piece of safety and comfort.
robertwilson5 says2018-12-11T09:16:07.3526853Z
Fireculex just wanted to correct your statement that "Guns are used to kill" even though that is true that guns are designed to kill, You must also remember that people kill people and not the gun, The gun doesn't control the trigger the human does. Also i would like to express my opinion on your statement about swords not being allowed as a open carry this is mainly because guns can act as a deterrent to crime as a robber wouldn't go into a store with armed officers in it. Whereas a sword wouldn't be used as a deterrent normally and its soul purpose is to kill or injure someone.

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