Do you think that Donald Trump will be the president who finally does something about misandry and sexism against men?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Males are being oppressed and I'm surprised that not many people care, considering that men are human beings too and not tough perverts who are immune to pain. The point is no politician has ever done anything about sexism against men but most politicians have done something about sexism against women, which just goes to show how stupid and hypocritical the government can be. Will Donald Trump FINALLY be the one to do something about all this oppressive and depressing man-hating or will he just be another s

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Yes, he will!

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No, he won't!

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-14T23:23:55.0176096Z
*another stupid, biased president who does nothing but ignore men and not give them their fair rights. The poll description cut off.
Otto_Hasenkamp says2016-07-14T23:32:59.0398969Z
The thing is not that men are being oppressed, it's how the government reacts to their response. If a man is sick of his girlfriend hitting him and hits her back, he's a sexist pig that'll get subdued by the authorities and taken to prison for assault. If a woman is sick of getting hit by his boyfriend and hits him back, she's a strong and empowered woman in her prime, and his boyfriend is a sexist pig that'll get subdued by the authorities and taken to prison for assault. Of course Trump is able to improve this.
SegBeg says2016-10-01T17:49:02.0032488Z
Foodie, you've got to stop complaining about this so much. I get it, men do face their own oppressions in society and we do indeed need to do something about it. There's no denying that, but I can see you HATE it when feminists make women victims- YOU are doing the exact same thing. You are tying to make men the victims here and that can be very annoying. Both men and women have unique difficulties in today's societies and they both need to be stopped. But don't act so whiny like the stupid feminists out there, it makes you no better than them.

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