Do you think that Donald Trump will truly make America great again?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Before, I didn't want him to win but considering that the US election is now just between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, I hope Trump will win because I feel like he could do great things for the US. Plus, Hilary Clinton is a feminist and we all know that feminism is cancer that just promotes misandry!

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No, I don't think Donald Trump will make America great again!

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Yes, I think Donald Trump will definitely make Ameriva great again!

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otogun says2016-07-13T19:40:38.4800958Z
I would rather have a lier than a dictator. Really he wants Muslims to wear badges, the same way Hitler made Jews wear the Star of David, he wants to discriminate against Muslims, Hitler did that to Jews. He thinks blacks are all criminals on his twitter he posted a chart where it stated blacks were mostly criminals which was false proven by the FBI and FOX NEWS. Trump wants to take away the presses freedom of speech, which is unconstitutional, you cannot take away the 1st amendment and yet blame someone because he wanted to put control on 2nd amendment. It is funny how when a Arab commits a crime they label him "Muslim", but when a White man or White women commits a crime they don't say Christians need to be settled or controlled. Funny , we like to call Muslims terrorist because of ISIS but don't you dare call a Christian one although that's exactly what Nazi's were.

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