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No, P. E. Helps students develop healthy fitness habits and helps them stay healthy.

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Yes - P. E. Is tiring and I don't like running 20 laps in under a minute.

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UltimateGenius says2019-02-23T22:29:57.8169204Z
I don't like the point you put in for yes. I actually love exercise, But the class of P. E. Itself takes focus away from other more important classes that actually affect your future. Those who go to college in sports joined an after school sports club, P. E. Had nothing to do with it.
XCPIN says2019-03-08T17:20:43.7397759Z
Taking rid of P. E. Is ridiculous. Favorite activities and sports you take later into life are given in P. E.
anc2006 says2019-03-30T01:18:09.2357751Z
I know Pe is necesary but i don't like it
ZackCarr says2019-04-25T19:17:55.9541532Z
America is already the fattest continent. Just think of kids did not have PE 🤔

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