Do you think that there should be so many toe fungus ads on this site?

Posted by: Rightwing15

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Preston says2014-07-28T10:54:57.3407272-05:00
Hahaha, the adds are based off your google searches! What have you been googling!?!?!?!
Rightwing15 says2014-07-28T10:57:17.7683778-05:00
Wait, what? I did not know that. I have my grandmas old laptop so its probably hers. Whoopsie
Preston says2014-07-28T11:17:24.1723168-05:00
Hahaha, its ok, if you want to avoid getting data like that collected about you, use duckduckgo
Heterodox says2014-07-28T11:27:38.2502764-05:00
What ads? I use adblock....
Preston says2014-07-28T11:28:17.8721063-05:00
None are projected for me because I don't use google
Rightwing15 says2014-07-28T11:55:11.8042556-05:00
Yea, i usually use bing, i tried to tell my grandma to do that and she said "whats thing"
Preston says2014-07-28T13:15:55.1660752-05:00
Haha, nah bing does it too, but generally people don't buy that info from bing.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-28T13:25:48.4196368-05:00
I keep getting a bunch of randoms also

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