Do you think the American and Australian government should withdraw their troops from Afghanistan?

Posted by: teganlouisemoulden

  • Yes

  • No

63% 12 votes
37% 7 votes
  • Yes, the war on terror has not made the US any safer. Plus it killed our reputation and our credibility.

  • No because when they do the taliban will take control of the government again like they are trying too now and ghings will have not changed from 20 years ago

    Posted by: Pooba
  • Because quite frankly, the innocent people of the middle east need our help. As we slowly withdraw from towns, the terrorists re-take te territory that many brave soldiers fought to save. The terrorist regimes in Afghanistan repress the innocent people and should be stopped. And as a New Yorker, i believe that we should get revenge for what horrible events occurred on september 11, 2001.

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derizzle says2013-11-15T13:41:01.8115962-06:00
Yes, more people are just going to die.

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