Do you think The First Crusade was moral?

Posted by: Gareth_BM

This is a debate on the Princes Crusade as oppose to the people's crusade and the murder of Jews in Europe. Please do a little research before you vote if you like most people know little about the Crusade.

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The Crusades were completely immoral in cause and methord.

The Crusades were completely evil and you cannot relate to the reasoning behind them at all or show any sympathy for such despicable actions.
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Yes completely valid

The war started with good cause and was fought to a high moral standing on the Crusader side. All actions by the Crusaders were justified by the actions of the encroaching Islamic empires.
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The cause was good but it was carried out immorally how ever this was normal and we shouldn't judge historical figures by modern standards.

The slaughter of civilians and atrocities committed were not justified but hey were common and should not criticised them as we would the actions of leader today.
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The Cause was just be the actions of the Crusaders were immoral

The norm of the time is not any excuse for this sort of thing it's straight up wrong.
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The cause and actions were wrong but the cause was understandable

The cause of the Crusades was wrong but I can understand why someone might do it.
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Vox_Veritas says2015-10-11T12:57:08.6748098Z
It was largely but not completely immoral.
Bob13 says2015-10-13T11:31:26.8739429Z
@Black-Jesus "Hey, guys, let's wage a war to invade and capture a plot of sand-covered land that some unimportant, and some completely fictional characters once inhabited!" That is so false. A more accurate version would be, "Hey, guys, let's wage a war to regain an important piece of land where many great people lived and save the Christians there from oppression!"
Gareth_BM says2015-10-14T18:54:37.0509537Z
There is a lot of misinformation about on both sides of the debates about the Crusades. Pro Crusades often play down the brutal nature of the actions the Crusaders, atheist anti Crusades often talk about it purely as a war fought purely to covert people to Christianity and anti Crusade Muslims and pro Muslims tend to talk a lot about the enlightened nature of the Islamic world ect. Anyone who does serious research quickly sees all of these ideas are a at least partially wrong.

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